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Best of New Music (April 2014 Edition)

A periodic list of some of the most exciting, newly purchased CDs for our circulating collections.Read More ›

Tributo a Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014)

Gabriel García Márquez , el gran autor galardonado con el Premio Nobel de la Literatura acaba de fallecer a la de edad de 87 años. García Márquez ha sido considerado uno de los más grandes escritores de habla hispana.Read More ›

The Nican Mopohua and Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Among the many treasures of the New York Public Library are documents created as the New World was explored and settled by Europeans and a hybrid culture emerged. James Lenox (1880-1880) whose books, manuscripts, and maps formed the great base for the Library's collection was interested in the history of the Americas. This blog post focuses on a set of documents long referred to as the Monumentos Guadalupanos, or Guadeloupean Monuments, and one document in particular, the Nican Mopohua. A facsimile edition of this historic manuscript is currently underway from SYL Creaciones Graficas and Read More ›

When Experience Pays: Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

"Can I get paid for my internship?" is a common question often asked by new college graduates. Laura Fortman, the principal deputy administrator for the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, will help you understand when internship programs must pay interns not just in terms of experience, but in cold, hard cash. The Fair Labor Standards Act, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, provides criteria for what is and is not legal regarding payment for internships.Read More ›

Booktalking "Rein It In: An A Circuit Novel" by Georgina Bloomberg and Catherine Hapka

A Circuit—one of the most competitive horse show circuits available. Teenagers who are both horse crazy and relationship crazy, sneaking quick kisses and dating in between all of the preparation for horse shows and competition. Read More ›

Homemade Natural Beauty Products Made Easy

The Epiphany Library is offering two workshops in April on making beauty products at home. While in the class we are specifically only making two items, lip balm and body scrub (both of which are surprisingly easy), there is also a section in which we discuss why someone would want to do this. Below is the presentation, some handy recipes and also books and websites for the budding beauty alchemist.Read More ›

Avant-Garde Periodicals Meet Digital Archives

As curator for small press materials I was excited to attend "Remediating the Avant Garde: Magazines and Digital Archives," a symposium at Princeton University, home of the Blue Mountain Project.Read More ›

Booktalking "Higher Education?" by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus

All of the talk these days is about the rising cost of tertiary education. Is it really necessary for so many people to go to college? Ever wonder why exactly college costs are so astronomically high?Read More ›

Epistolary Novels and Letter Writing

"Epistolary" is one of those words that just fun to say or think about, like the word "condensation". An epistolary novel is simply a novel consisting of correspondence between characters. This is one of those rarely used writing devices, I assume because it's difficult to sustain throughout a novel.Read More ›

Celebrating Women with Disabilities: An Interview with Kathleen Martinez

Women have always faced discrimination compared to their male counterparts and that extends to employment which is especially challenging to women with disabilities. However, there have been some positive changes. In this blog post U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy, Kathleen Martinez, gives you career guidance and encouragement. Please join Kathleen Martinez to celebrate women with disabilities. Read More ›

Turn Left at Greenland: The Beatles Meet the Press

When you enter the exhibition and walk past the stage set-up (accompanied by the sound of screaming girls), you see a line-up of microphones and a video clip of the Beatles landing in NYC for their first Q&A session with the American press. The Beatles were not only wonderful songwriters and singers, but they were experts at peppering their press conferences with wit—and avoiding real answers to meaningful questions.

As it happens, the press conference that we all memorized is fictional—not from a real encounter with the press, but from

... Read More ›

Three Reads: Bad Guys of Gilded Age New York

Here are three books about some of our fine city's bad guys, lying, cheating, and stealing their way through the 1890s.Read More ›

Send Me a Letter: Books on Card and Letter Writing

While engaging in some much-needed but rarely performed spring cleaning in my apartment, I recently encountered several letters written to me by a maternal great-great aunt years ago. This dovetailed nicely with my supervisor's request that I write my April blog post on the topic of card and letter writing. Read More ›

離奇 : 李碧華鬼魅電影小說 || Li Bihua gui mei dian ying xiao shuo

Li qi : Li Bihua gui mei dian ying xiao shuoRead More ›

STEM Comics: Saving Students One Thought Bubble at a Time

If only Manga Math had existed when I struggled through Calculus. The only solace at that time was the introduction of the high tech (for its era) graphing calculator.Read More ›

Read Alikes for Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch

Congratulations to Donna Tartt for winning the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in fiction for her novel The Goldfinch. If you've already read it, then you know why everyone's going ga-ga over it. But if you're still waiting patiently in the holds line to read it, then perhaps we can suggest a few plot-driven, "what's going to happen next?" titles for you to read in the meantime.Read More ›

Job and Employment Links for the Week of April 14

Free Job Fair - Council Woman Vanessa Gibson & Martin Luther King Jr. Resource Center invites you to their Free Job Fair on Thursday, April 17. On-Site Recruitment: School Safety Officer, Traffic Enforcement and Police Officer - The NYS Department of Labor and the NYC Police Department will present an On-Site Recruitment Information Session on Friday, April 18.

Please note this blog 

... Read More ›

Top Circulating Books: March 2014

The New York Public Library is sharing monthly lists of the books checked out most often at its 91 branches (which are located in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island). Below are the most popular adult fiction and non-fiction books in March 2014: Read More ›

Public Events for Preservation Week, April 27–May 3

To coincide with the American Library Association's national events for Preservation Week, the Preservation Division at the New York Public library has scheduled some events for the public in the local New York City area.Read More ›

Pic Pick: Francis Martin Creation Station Has Artsy Picture Books for Children

In my efforts to rebel against the paper plate and crayon phenomena I created the kids art program "Creation Station". Every other Tuesday I pick a modern/contemporary visual artist and order some of the library's extensive monographs on that particular artist.Read More ›
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