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From the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives: Blood, Rats, and Scream Queens!

We love Halloween and want to celebrate it by sharing some great Halloween themed recordings we have in our holdings. Read More ›

Jock Reads and Flicks

Just as the music CD Jock Jams inspired a generation to "Move It, Move It," many books and movies that focus on sports can be motivational, even if the reader or viewer is not interested in that particular activity. Read More ›

Imagining Ichabod Crane: Illustrated Editions in Rare Books

While the initial printing of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow contained no illustrations, the tale has since inspired many artists to create works evoking the strangely funny but frightful events in the story.Read More ›

Medium Rare: Ghostly Stories from Rare Books

On Halloween, we pull back the curtain between real and unreal, reveling in the spooky, mysterious, and inexplicable. What better way to celebrate the holiday than communing with the spirits and ghosts who reach out to us from the pages of the Rare Book Division?Read More ›

While You Wait For "Station Eleven" Why Not Try...

Like Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, these post-apocalyptic novels take readers on compelling journeys of lost worlds, lost lives, and survival.Read More ›

Bronx Job Fair: Tuesday, November 19, 2014

Apply for entry level, mid level, and executive level jobs next month at Bronx Christian Fellowship Church.Read More ›

Job and Employment Links for the Week of November 3

Please note this blog post will be revised when more recruitment events for the week of November 3 are available.Read More ›

舉頭望明月:劉培基自傳 == Ju tou wang ming yue: Liu PeiJi zi zhuan

我們圖書館有不同類型的自傳。Read More ›

November Author @ the Library Programs at Mid-Manhattan

Come join us for an Author @ the Library talk this November at Mid-Manhattan Library to hear distinguished non-fiction authors discuss their work and answer your questions. Read More ›

(CEIS) Career, Education and Information Services: Tips For Job Interview Success

Career and Education Information Services can give you advice on dressing for your interview and thinking about the image you want to project. "Struggling to decide on an outfit for your upcoming job interview:  What you wear to an interview creates an image or perception of the type of person you are, so choosing your attire is critical to presenting yourself as the right candidate to hire" (Forbes, 

... Read More ›

Booktalking "The Sundown Rule" by Wendy Townsend

Louise's mother is out of the picture, and her dad is on a writing assignment for National Geographic in Brazil. She finds herself staying with Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack for the summer. Read More ›

Sharing Is Caring: A Photographic Locket of Mr. and Mrs. General Tom Thumb

The Photography Collection has recently acquired a rare brass locket containing twelve miniature albumen prints of the famous couple made shortly after their wedding. Read More ›

Ecocriticism 101 Reading List

In response to rising concerns about the environment, a tremendous outpouring of fiction, nonfiction, movies, and music that tackle the issue both directly and indirectly have infiltrated our daily rosters of cultural consumption.Read More ›

Domestic Violence Doesn't Always Stay at Home

Latifa Lyles, Director of the Women's Bureau, in her blog post, Domestic Violence Doesn't Always Stay at Home, states that more women in the U.S. die on the job as a result of domestic violence than they do at the hands of a client or a co-worker.Read More ›

Книжки-малышки или романтика в малых дозах

Если у вас в жизни мало романтики , то вам неприменно нужно почитать книжки-малышки издательства Harlequin. Малышки от Ареликино полностью оправдают все ваши романтические ожидания. Предлагаем вашему вниманию небольшую поэму навеянную романтическими заголовками книжек-малышек. Каждая строфа поэмы Попутчики состоит из названия Read More ›

Delightful Vintage Halloween Cards for the Spooky at Heart

You may not normally think of Halloween as a holiday with its own stationery, but we have around 100 years worth of cards that prove otherwise. Read More ›

Children's Librarians' Favorite Halloween Books

Our Halloween favorites to read and share with kids.Read More ›

Booktalking "Lizard Love" by Wendy Townsend

Grace loves reptiles. She paints snakes, Nile monitors and chameleons on her jacket. Walter at Fang and Claw, a reptile pet store, is jealous; he wishes that he had a jacket like hers.Read More ›

Protecting Workers from Intimidation, Retaliation

This is the Labor Department blog post authored by Tom Perez, Secretary of Labor. In his post, Tom asserts that intimidation and retaliation in the workplace are against the law, the department will use every enforcement tool including litigation, civil money penalties, liquidated damages, debarment, and warrants to protect workers' rights and may even seek temporary restraining orders to protect workers and their wages while the department's investigation continues.Read More ›

Beware the Cat: 13 Tales to Read with Your Cat This Halloween

Grumpy Cat, Henri, the Existential Cat, Lil Bub, Colonel Meow… Sure, cats are the stars of social media nowadays but beware of crossing them—as these tales illustrate.Read More ›
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