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South Beach Library offers collections of materials in languages other than English, with an emphasis on Russian, Chinese, and Spanish language books and films.
The branch has provided library service to the South Beach and Arrochar communities for over 50 years. Service was interrupted in 1989 when the branch interior was gutted by fire. The branch reopened on December 19, 1990. In 1994, City Councilman Fusco allocated funds to begin site acquisition for an enlarged full-service branch to serve the growing community. In 2000, the South Beach Branch was relocated to 21-25 Robin Road from its former site at 100 Sand Lane, and opened on February 28. Designed by David Prendergast, Prendergast Laurel Architects, the new site provides 3,000 square feet for public service, with expanded hours and enhanced collections that will better serve the growing communites ofSouth Beach and Arrochar.

Community District Information

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Environmental Projects in Your Community

South Beach Library serves as a public repository for information related to local environmental projects. The report below includes information about a proposed wind farm in the area.

Hera Power Link Project Article VII Application