Winter 2022 Picks for Kids

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  • 5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior

    Sand dancer Oona must light the Beacons to save all life from extinction, but her homeworld is suddenly invaded by those who'd stop her at all cost. With two unlikely allies, can Oona survive a war and save the 5 worlds? A science-fantasy series perfect for fans of Amulet.
    - Elizabeth Graham
    Cover of 5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior
  • Amos McGee Misses the Bus

    Illustrated by Erin E. Stead | In this charming follow up, we again befriend Amos, the friendly zookeeper, and his animal friends. Amos is very tired after planning a surprise for his animal friends, misses the bus to work, and arrives at the zoo late. Will his friends step in to help set the day right?
    - Margaret Kaczorowski
    Cover of Amos McGee Misses the Bus
  • Before the Ever After

    This novel in verse tells the poignant story of a young boy trying to cope with his father’s mental decline from prior football head injuries.
    - Florence Nicosia
    Cover of Before the Ever After
  • The Big Book of Monsters

    Like creepy monsters? Learn the history behind Dracula, the Golem, Mr. Hyde, the Mummy, and other creatures from literature.
    - Sue Yee
    Cover of The Big Book of Monsters
  • Change Sings: A Children's Anthem

    Illustrated by Loren Long | A beautifully illustrated poetic picture book with evocative images that bring to life the power children can have to change the world, or at least their community environment.
    - Florence Nicosia
    Cover of Change Sings: A Children's Anthem
  • El Cucuy is Scared Too

    El Cucuy is a figure from Mexican folklore. In this story, El Cucuy lives in a cactus pot. The main character, Ramon, learns to overcome fear and anxiety, and El Cucuy has to do the same. A great story about overcoming change and being brave!
    Cover of El Cucuy is Scared Too
  • Fish In A Tree

    Ally Nickerson is the class clown but there is a reason for her behavior. This book features a young girl dealing with dyslexia. With the help of her substitute teacher and friends she learns to overcome her challenges and love herself.
    - Sydel Vergara
    Cover of Fish In A Tree
  • Front Desk

    Mia and her parents live and work in Mr. Yao’s motel, and he isn’t very nice to them. Yet, through the friendships she makes with the hotel’s residents and guests, Mia learns to find her voice.
    - Evelyn Williams
    Cover of Front Desk
  • The Genius Under the Table: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain

    Yevgeny’s parents hope that one day he’ll be chosen to represent Russia to the rest of the world. But what if he isn’t special or talented enough to stand out? For readers who are ready for a true, funny, and heartbreaking story about growing up in Russia during the Cold War.
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of The Genius Under the Table: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain
  • Ghost Girl

    It isn’t Zee’s fault that she can see things that her classmates can’t! And it isn’t her fault that some of those things might be dogs, or demons, or even ghosts. Give this book to readers who enjoy fantastic stories about friendship, families, and paranormal activity.
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of Ghost Girl
  • Halal Hot Dogs

    Illustrated by Parwinder Singh | Halal Food from food carts is very popular and can be found all over New York City. This book celebrates family, tradition and food while giving a glimpse into the life of an Arab-American family.
    Cover of Halal Hot Dogs
  • Ham Helsing Vol. 1: Vampire Hunter

    Ham Helsing is a pig who would rather paint or write poetry than have an adventure. But after his brother dies, Ham must begin his first dangerous assignment: to hunt a vampire. For readers who are looking for a graphic novel that will make them think and also make them laugh.
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of Ham Helsing Vol. 1: Vampire Hunter
  • Hamsters Make Terrible Roommates

    Illustrated by Abhinaya Alwar | For anyone who has ever been asked, "What am I, a mind reader?" Behind the silly cover is a tale of two very different hamsters who learn the bravery of voicing your needs, admitting wrongdoing, and compromise. A versatile story for teaching several life lessons the "easy" way.
    Cover of Hamsters Make Terrible Roommates
  • A History of Me

    A young brown girl feels alone in a class of students where no-one looks like her. Through her own reflection she finds pride, bravery, courage, resilience and the power to overcome anything.
    Cover of A History of Me
  • Inside Cat

    Inside Cat can see through multicolored, many-shaped windows into the world beyond-- but how is its perspective limited? Detailed, surreal pictures make for great conversations with young children about what cats see, what people see and how experience informs understanding.
    - Hal Schrieve
    Cover of Inside Cat
  • The Insiders

    A room that appears out of nowhere connects three kids who have one thing in common - they’re all outsiders being bullied at school.
    - Sue Yee
    Cover of The Insiders
  • Jenny Mei is Sad

    Friendship is about being there for your friend, whatever they're going through or feeling. This picture book helps gently demonstrate to young listeners how to show empathy and understanding, to support those around them, and that it's okay to be be sad sometimes.
    - Stephanie Whelan
    Cover of Jenny Mei is Sad
  • Just Pretend

    In this graphic novel memoir, Tori's imagination and writing helps her deal with her divorced parents, a bullying older brother, and the challenges of middle school. For fans of Raina Telgemeier, Victoria Jamieson, and Shannon Hale.
    - Sue Yee
    Cover of Just Pretend
  • Keeping The City Going

    Packed with detailed pictures of identifiable intersections, buildings, and stores, this narrative of early-COVID New York City is a celebration of essential workers who did not stay inside and instead put food on tables, kept patients alive, and made a city run.
    - Hal Schrieve
    Cover of Keeping The City Going
  • The Leaf Thief

    Squirrel wakes up one day to find his leaf gone! He is determined to find the thief. Includes a section on seasonal weather and why the leaves fall from the trees. Both silly and educational, with wonderful talking points and vibrant illustrations. For fans of Mo Willems.
    Cover of The Leaf Thief
  • Little Seeds of Promise

    An immigrant tale about a girl named Maya who moves to a new place and leaves her grandmother behind. Her grandmother gives her the responsibility of planting little seeds so that they can bloom in the new place. Maya tries her best to do this.
    Cover of Little Seeds of Promise
  • Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest

    This delightful and beautifully illustrated picture book follows Little Witch Hazel throughout the year as she lives her life in the forest with her diverse magical creature and animal friends. It gives off cottagecore vibes and is a delight for youngsters and adults alike.
    Cover of Little Witch Hazel: A Year in the Forest
  • The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess

    A delightful and diverse fairytale about the strength (and love) of sibling bonds and what they will do to keep each other safe. Full of adventure and sure to keep your child entertained.
    - Florence Nicosia
    Cover of The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess
  • Love, Z

    After finding a message in a bottle, Z the robot goes on an adventure to find out what love is.
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of Love, Z
  • Lunch Every Day

    The illustrations help tell the story of a young boy who is bullied in school and what happens when his mother steps in.
    - Evelyn Williams
    Cover of Lunch Every Day
  • Mischief and Mayhem: Born to Be Bad

    After being kicked out of Superhero Boot Camp for not having superpowers, Missy and her side-cat Gizmo decide to become the world's greatest Supervillains.
    - Sue Yee
    Cover of Mischief and Mayhem: Born to Be Bad
  • No More Pacifier for Piggy!

    Piggy wants to play peekaboo with his friend Ducky but can't call out "I see you!" Will he give up his binky to play with his friends in this cute tale sure to charm both toddlers and parents?
    - Joshua Michael Soule
    Cover of No More Pacifier for Piggy!
  • Once Upon a Time There Was and Will Be So Much More

    For curious ones, a powerful recounting of where we have been, a settled clarity of where we are, and a hopeful journey into where we are headed. With a uniquely diminishing trim size followed by its gradual return, this is a poetic interpretation of the privilege that is time.
    Cover of Once Upon a Time There Was and Will Be So Much More
  • Only if You Dare: 13 Stories of Darkness and Doom

    In this collection of spooky short stories, ordinary objects like a phone, a Scrabble game, and a snowman become much less ordinary, and much more dangerous. For readers who enjoy chilling stories with plenty of surprises!
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of Only if You Dare: 13 Stories of Darkness and Doom
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    Great for rereading before seeing the movie. A gateway book for kids who are curious about horror, and also perfect for children and teens who love horror already.
    - Alma Sakic
    Cover of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Sean Moses is Martin Luther, The King, Jr

    Illustrated by Angelina Valeria | Beautiful black and white illustrations that tell the story of a young man who gets to portray the “King” in the school play.
    - Evelyn Williams
    Cover of Sean Moses is Martin Luther, The King, Jr
  • Some Pigtails

    Everyone loves the unique pigtails Gramps gives Lola, but the school principal calls them a distraction and bans them. Can Lola make him change his mind?
    - Sue Yee
    Cover of Some Pigtails
  • The Star Festival

    In this beautifully illustrated book that celebrates Japanese culture, Keiko attends the annual Star Festival with Oba, her grandmother, and mother...and learns about the universe and the stories behind the stars!
    Cover of The Star Festival
  • The Witch Boy

    Aster can't figure out shapeshifting and desperately wants to learn magic, but only girls can learn magic while only boys can shapeshift. When shapeshifters start going missing, Aster knows he can help with his magic. But is he willing to break tradition to find his friend?
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of The Witch Boy
  • Worm Loves Worm

    Worm and Worm just want to get married but their friends insist on some very important wedding traditions. But who can wear the ring when worms don't have hands, let alone fingers?
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of Worm Loves Worm
  • ​​Goodbye, Old House

    This book offers a gentle moving ritual for saying goodbye to old places, and then follows her saying hello to all the new spaces in her new home. A great way to introduce change and new things without ignoring the goodbyes for what was well loved.
    - Stephanie Whelan
    Cover of ​​Goodbye, Old House