Winter 2022 Picks for Teens

24 Books Found

  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

    When Dante offers to teach Aristotle how to swim one summer, neither boy is prepared for the life-changing friendship that follows. A classic that everyone should read regardless of age that discusses identity, friendship, and growing up Mexican-American in a border town.
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
  • The City Beautiful

    This Jewish queer historical fantasy centers on Alter Rosen, who is possessed by the Dybbuk of his murdered roommate. Teaming up with the aspiring journalist downstairs and a boy from his past, Alter must find the murderer before it's too late. Perfect for fans of Cemetery Boys.
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of The City Beautiful
  • Creepy Cat, Vol. 1

    What's better than having a cat? A creepy one. Life just got spookier.
    - Susen Shi
    Cover of Creepy Cat, Vol. 1
  • The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor

    Haley is a big gothic romance fan. But when she’s transported to a place that’s a lot like her favorite books, she realizes that what sounds good on paper might not be great in real life. For readers who love books about romance, classic books, and redefining your own identity.
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor
  • The Drifting Classroom

    Fans of Junji Ito, meet HIS influence. 50 years ago, Umezz wrote the horror classic The Drifting Classroom, where a school mysteriously vanishes from the present, and turns up in an apocalyptic future, where monsters, plagues, and mutinies thwart the kids' attempt at survival.
    - Joe Pascullo
    Cover of The Drifting Classroom
  • Far Sector

    On assignment to protect a city in a remote corner of the universe, Green Lantern Sojourner "Jo" Mullein must unravel a conspiracy generations in the making. This gorgeous twist on the standard superhero tale will appeal to fans of action and intrigue.
    - Althea Georges
    Cover of Far Sector
  • The Fever King

    In a future where magic is a deadly disease, but survival grants magic abilities, the sole survivor of a magic outbreak is forcibly recruited into a government training program for powerful Witchings. This book will make you question what you believe is the right thing to do.
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of The Fever King
  • The Girl From the Sea

    Morgan has been keeping some big secrets from her family and her friends. But after she has a near-death experience and is rescued by a selkie girl, her life becomes even more complicated. For readers who are looking for emotional stories about friendship, love, and secrets.
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of The Girl From the Sea
  • The Hawthorne Legacy

    In this sequel, Avery and the Hawthorne boys continue to reveal shocking truths about their family and their connections to each other. This mystery grips you from the beginning and leaves you wanting to say "one more chapter," just to see what will happen.
    Cover of The Hawthorne Legacy
  • Heartstopper Vol. 1

    Charlie, the only out gay boy in school, and Nick, a jock with a heart of gold, form an unlikely friendship and perhaps something more in the first volume of Oseman's bestselling series. Perfect for romance fans.
    - Elizabeth Graham
    Cover of Heartstopper Vol. 1
  • House of Hollow

    Like peeling the layers of the creepiest onion, this dark tale of three sisters will easily crawl under every readers' skin.
    - Debra Behr
    Cover of House of Hollow
  • Jade Fire Gold

    Altan, a lost prince, meets and unites with Ahn, a peasant girl with ancient magic and no past. In a quest to claim his throne and find her past, they upturn a world on the brink of war. Perfect for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of Jade Fire Gold
  • A Lesson in Vengeance

    After returning to school where her girlfriend died, Felicity is asked by Ellis, a new student and award winning author, to consult on the writing of a book about the dark witchcraft history of the school. What truly happens in this dark academia book is for you to uncover.
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of A Lesson in Vengeance
  • Life Inside My Mind: 31 Authors Share Their Personal Struggles

    The authors in this book write about how they dealt with their mental health issues over the years, including the times that they tried, failed, and succeeded. For readers who are looking for compelling true stories about mental health.
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of Life Inside My Mind: 31 Authors Share Their Personal Struggles
  • The Mary Shelley Club

    Everyone has their own reasons for joining the Mary Shelley Club, and for being fascinated with horror stories. But when Rachel joins this group, she’s going to learn that their Fear Tests are much more dangerous than she imagined. For readers who love suspense and plot twists!
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of The Mary Shelley Club
  • The Mirror Season

    Inspired by the story of the Snow Queen, this contemporary magical realism story focuses on two teens who are both sexually assaulted at the same high school party, but only one of them remembers it. Complete with magical baking, friendship, and trauma recovery.
    - Alex Kohn
    Cover of The Mirror Season
  • The Nature of Witches

    In a future world, witches must use their powers (which are tied to the seasons) to balance the earth’s climate. Clara, a witch with the rare power to control all four seasons, must try to help balance the nature of the earth and protect the ones she loves.
    Cover of The Nature of Witches
  • Needle & Thread

    When Noah and Azarie meet, it sets off a spark in each of them to pursue the dreams that they’ve been hiding. But that will mean disappointing their friends and defying their parents. For readers who enjoy graphic novels, and stories about characters learning to trust themselves.
    - Andrea Lipinski
    Cover of Needle & Thread
  • The Sky is Everywhere

    Struggling after the death of her older sister, Lenny finds herself torn between new boy Joe, who makes her heart sing and Toby, her sister's devastated boyfriend who shares her memories and overwhelming grief. Perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Sarah Dessen.
    - Anne Rouyer
    Cover of The Sky is Everywhere
  • Sky Without Stars

    Les Miserables in Space - I’m hooked! I wasn't sure it would work, but it really does! A thief, an officer, and a girl living in an underground library are all connected in this tale of revolution and uprising in a dystopian version of space.
    Cover of Sky Without Stars
  • Want

    In a future Taiwan where the rich are protected from pollution by wearing an expensive suit, the poor are dying fast. It also includes a romance with the daughter of an evil corporation owner, and her master plan to take her father down. I didn't want to stop reading.
    Cover of Want
  • White Smoke

    The best selling young adult author’s newest novel is a mystery about a young girl who moves into a house that has secrets of its own.
    - Evelyn Williams
    Cover of White Smoke
  • Your Brain Needs a Hug: Life, Love, Mental Health and Sandwiches

    Filled with friendly advice, coping strategies, and hilarious yet relatable stories from the author's experience, this book will give readers hope and encouragement to get through those difficult days.
    - Renee Scott
    Cover of Your Brain Needs a Hug: Life, Love, Mental Health and Sandwiches
  • Zero O:clock

    Geth Montego's small town of Rochelle, New York is hit with COVID and she has a hard time adapting to the changes. When Geth gets caught up with the Black Lives Matter Protest, she has to make the choice to fight for her beliefs or to ignore them.
    Cover of Zero O:clock