NYPL’s Mission Statement

The mission of The New York Public Library is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

To deliver on this promise, we rely on three great resources—our staff, our collections, and our physical and digital  spaces—to provide opportunities for learning and growth to all New Yorkers.

1. We inspire lifelong learning by creating more able learners and researchers. We:

  • Teach learning and information-navigation skills
  • Provide tools, resources, and great places to work
  • Engage in great exploratory conversations
  • Ask and answer questions that encourage patrons to challenge their assumptions
  • Support creativity, research, and problem-solving
  • Bring people together to spark creative synergies and learn from each other

2. We advance knowledge by providing free and open access to materials and information that reflect New York’s global perspective. We:

  • Identify, acquire, and preserve items that enhance our unique areas of expertise
  • Connect with other organizations whose materials complement our own
  • Inspire interest, expand horizons, and enrich perspectives
  • Build tools that allow us to connect with the world in our areas of expertise

3. We strengthen our communities by promoting full citizenship and participation in society. We:

  • Promote the development of key skills and capabilities
  • Provide dynamic resources to help patrons understand and engage in society
  • Create safe and reliable places where we and our patrons can enjoy, honor, celebrate, and engage with our communities
  • Offer unique and authoritative materials of historical importance
  • Bring our diverse communities together